Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World – New 8 week course

Monday, 3rd October – 21st November – 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street, BS5 6AW

finding peace coverThis course is based on the ground breaking book ‘Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ written by Prof. Mark Williams and Danny Penman. This course is currently being used successfully within the workplace and being piloted with teachers as part of a major research trial through the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.

Who is is suitable for? The course been designed for people who are interested in mindfulness and looking for a way to alleviate stress and enhance overall well-being. This course has been approved as a prerequisite for anyone wanting to go on to study mindfulness in more in-depth at any of the major training sites  (Oxford, Exeter and Bangor University) and/or those wanting to apply to train for the mindfulness in schools programme. It is also suitable for people who have completed an 8-week MBSR/MBCT course and seeking a top up/refresher.

Course Format:

8 Weekly- 1.5 hour sessions, with training in various formal and informal mindfulness practice. Sessions include discussion and exploration of key themes such as acceptance, kindness, working with difficulty.  An overview of the latest research and findings in neuroscience is included.

Reading – You are invited to read the relevant chapter each week from the course book “Mindfulness: A practical guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World”, by Prof.Mark Williams and Danny Penman.

Home Practice – Approximately 20 minutes mindfulness exercises per day, guided by the CD which accompanies the course book. Longer practices will also be offered.

A day retreat is also offered between sessions 6 and 7, to give participants an opportunity to explore the practices in more depth. Located on Ashley Hill in the Bristol Green House, includes a simple lunch.

Teacher Support is available in between classes.

Cost: £150 for the 8 weeks – to book or if you’re interested to find out more:

contact me at OR phone 07964 857999

I try to offer the courses at an accessible price, but if money is a problem, get in touch and we can discuss concessions.

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