About me

CeriMany years of meditation practice and retreats led me to the secular mindfulness movement, which I believe offers us an opportunity to taste for ourselves the power and simplicity of this ancient practice, without the need to adopt any ancient beliefs.I believe that behind the hype, mindfulness practice offers a genuine opportunity for a deeper, more heartfelt connection to our lives, just as they are, and ourselves, just as we are.

I graduated from  Exeter University’s Mindfulness Based Approaches PG Diploma programme in 2014, and also completed the .b Mindfulness in Schools  programme in 2011.  I have been fully trained at Oxford Mindfulness Centre to teach a course for busy professionals based on the book “Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World”. This course is now being taught to secondary school teachers as part of Oxford University’s MYRIAD project. I am consequently qualified to deliver authentic mindfulness training of the highest quality to school students and teachers.

I am a trustee of Mind with Heart, that seeks to promote awareness and compassion training in school education, and have led mindfulness courses with teenagers, educational professionals and others seeking greater focus, clarity and an effective and gentle way out of chronic anxiety and low mood.




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